"My girls absolutely love being members of Banbury children's choir, they have learnt so much and made loads of friends. I highly recommend it if your child loves to sing, even if they are shy, it really is a confidence booster."

• About the Choir •

Banbury youth choir came about through a desire for local musicians, Rachel Bee and Frances McMillan, to create opportunities for children local to Banbury to sing together in a safe and secure environment.


Formed separately in September 2016, by January 2017 we had merged to enable the choir to grow and ran at two venues on Friday evenings.

With music in schools becoming more and more squeezed out, we wanted to provide an environment where children could learn to sing and perform together in a large group. Through learning to sing together, performing a broad range of music and ultimately giving concerts, children not only develop their musicality, but gain confidence and skills that assist in all other aspects of their lives too.

As the choir began to grow, so did our desire to expand and develop the young singers. We had always had visions of establishing more than one segment to the choir. This year, for the first time, we are planning on having a younger choir for those in years 3 - 5 and a youth choir for those in years 6 - 13. We may diversify even more if time and talent enable us.


We sing a varied and, at times, challenging repertoire of both unison and part songs. These are a diversified range of genre from sacred and secular early music, folk music, jazz and blues, show music to arrangements of popular and contemporary music from the 21st century. We meet during term time and children are introduced to the various components of singing such as breathing techniques, musical awareness, aural work and team building.


Banbury Youth Choir is currently a non-auditioning choir for boys and girls from the ages of 7 – 18.  We aim to make choral singing available to all children in our local area.